Time with your children may seem to pass slowly, but in fact it goes quickly, especially in the first months of life. Your baby is growing and changing every instant. I would like to slow those precious moments down for you and for your children and their children. Every child should know the story of their life, and what is a story without a beginning?

Dazed and tired? That's OK

You probably feel dazed and exhausted right now, not to mention stoned with love for the new little creature in your arms. I've been there! That's why we'll keep your newborn session low-key and
intimate. I’ll come to your house, we’ll hang out and capture some relaxed photos of you soaking up your child’s magical first days on the planet, and chat about all the crazy stuff that comes with having a
My "Maternity+Baby" package includes the miraculous blooming of your body during pregnancy (at 50% off) as well as the home newborn session.

How long is Dad needed for the pictures?

Here's the minimum set of frames for father and newborn:
1. Close-ups
2. Dad and baby together
3. Father-child portrait
4. Family together
This usually takes 30 minutes, after which Dad can go back to his business.