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The best photos of us happen in places that are dear to our hearts or that we fall in love with at first sight.

Which of these places would you definitely like to go with me and my camera?

Working on the best shooting result together

7 tips for Newborn home photography

1. Interior of the house: using unique interior elements of the house, such as lighting, furniture, decor, and background, can add atmosphere and character to the photos.

2. Parental feelings: photographing parents with their newborn can help capture the feelings and emotions they experience during this special time in their lives.

3. First things: photographing the newborn's first things, such as blankets, toys, and clothes, can help capture their first day in the world and create a chronicle of their life.

4. Family traditions: using family traditions in the photoshoot can help strengthen the bond between parents and the child and create special meaning for the family.

5. Macro photos: photographing the newborn up close, such as their hands, feet, and eyes, can help capture their tiny details and create unique photos.

6. Natural poses: photographing the newborn in natural poses, such as during sleep or feeding, can help create gentle and emotional photos.

7. Photos with loved ones: photographing the newborn in the company of close family members can help create even more gentle and emotional photos and strengthen the bond between relatives.

❤️ Overall, newborn home photography provides many opportunities for creative interpretation and capturing moments that will be captured for life.

6 STEPS to prepare for an outdoor session

  • To choose the place and time of the shooting. We choose a place that is suitable for children and where there will be less noise and other distractions. We determine the time when the children will be in a good mood and will be able to concentrate on the photo session. For example, morning can be a good time because the children are not yet tired and run away.
  • We choose clothes. Clothing should be comfortable for children and suitable for outdoor shooting. It is recommended to choose clothes that will contrast well with the environment, without bright single prints and inscriptions, soft natural colors that do not give color reflexes to the skin, and a comfortable, non-tight figure, multi-layered, if necessary for the weather.
  • Filming on the beach or filming classes that suggest the possibility that children will get dirty - we prepare a change of clothes/shoes
  • If the family has a common hobby (music, dancing, modeling, yoga, etc.), we take hobby accessories for shooting, if we want to show this topic in the frame
  • Make sure to bring water and snacks to your child. The road to the location from the moment of gathering at home and the shooting itself can take 2-3 hours, the child will get hungry and be in a bad mood.
  • Whatever happens before the shoot, try to be natural, and don't act happy if you need time to just cuddle calmly. Life consists of an incredible palette of emotions, allow yourself to feel them all and our shots will be simply breathtaking

Focus on individuals, not numbers

I am frequently offered assembly-line jobs, with a half-hour or less to tell some story to a mass audience. My mission and purpose are quite different: for you to go home feeling that you have spent time naturally and authentically with the people you love, and that it just happened to be captured in photos.

Life has taught me to appreciate what is and to be happy in the moment. This is my story and what impels my photography. So I prefer to take fewer assignments and spend more time to focus on each family's unique character, its secret harmony. I'm sure that many families want this approach, and that they will find me.

I see all the people whom I recently photographed as part of happy families. I also see the ones who are now far from their families, I see their posts and recorded video calls. Just yesterday they were with their relatives, hugging their wives and children.

The albums I send to the Ukraine are all marked "HOME"

These are the last images of peace that they managed to capture. In difficult times, such images give indispensable support.

I no longer wonder about my mission or purpose as a photographer. It is clearer than ever before.

Appreciate life before it becomes a memory.

I'm here for you to help to do that

Back to beginning

Many years ago, when I was just starting out as a family photographer in Ukraine, I participated in all the fairs with my photo booths, test shoots, and showcasing my work. I would take pictures of 100-200 people a day and then edit and publish them all.

Ten years later, I find myself in the same situation in the United States. Deja vu.

🏠No home.

👀No recognition.

🤪🥰Plus two children who definitely don't add any free hours in the day.

It's hard to describe my feelings sometimes. At times, it seems like I have no strength, and then something happens, and it turns out I do. I think it's all in my head, and it depends on the criticality of the situation.

I can say for sure that the number of people interested in a free portrait here was much less than in Ukraine. But It was difficult for me. My conversational American English is still weak, so I didn't feel as lively and confident as I did at home. But that's for the better, people here are much more reserved. It all balances out. I'm not sure if my "domestic" fervor and enthusiasm would have been received)))

My family is with me always, helping and providing moral support.

Wish me good luck )))

Be surprised at simple things

Every day I learn from my children to be surprised at simple things:

...the sunset;

...tea that is especially good;

...the sky;

...a fancy dress;

...our cat, purring on the doorstep;


People tell me this is what sets me apart as a photographer, that I see them as wondrous, as so beautiful that it makes them admire themselves, long after the photos are received. It's true. I marvel at the

beauty of simple things, places, relationships. Every person is a miracle.

This gives a basis to my faith in the world, my faith that all is for the best. It is why I thank God every day for my life, for the people I meet, for my safe return to home and family.

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5 Tips for Your Newborn Session

❤️ Plan ahead: Schedule your newborn photography session within the first 2 weeks of your baby's birth. This is the ideal time for capturing their fresh, sleepy, and curly poses. Also, make sure to plan your shoot around your baby's feeding schedule.

❤️ Choose a professional photographer: Select a photographer who specializes in newborn photography and has experience handling delicate newborns. A professional photographer will ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable throughout the session.

❤️ Prepare for the session: Make sure your baby is well-fed and has a full diaper before the session. Also, dress your baby in loose, comfortable clothing that's easy to remove for the shoot.

❤️ Keep the environment warm and comfortable: Newborns feel more relaxed in a warm and cozy environment. Make sure the room is warm enough, and have a comfortable place for your baby to rest, such as a crib or a bean bag.

❤️ Allow for plenty of time: Newborn photography sessions can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, so be prepared to set aside a large chunk of time. The photographer will take breaks as needed to soothe your baby, and the pace of the session will be determined by your baby's comfort level.

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