A must-have photo guide of our top 10 moments to capture in the first 48 hours after baby’s birth

❤️ We document the preparation for childbirth, the hospital room, partner/doula support, and the setting.

❤️ We must capture the first moments after the baby’s birth - parents holding the baby for the first time, measuring weight and height, the first swaddling, a photo with a clock to show the time of the baby’s arrival.

❤️ The first breastfeeding (with the mother’s face in this moment is a must).

❤️ We photograph the parents together with the baby, capturing how they experience these moments (hugs, holding hands, kissing the baby).

❤️ We film in the room where the mother stays the first days with the baby (remember to remove any unnecessary items from the frame, treat the mother and baby very carefully, considering the difficulties after childbirth and the physical condition of the mother).

❤️ Portraits of the father and separately the mother with the baby.

❤️ Details - the baby’s hospital tag with data, a nameplate, tiny feet in the father’s hands, etc.

❤️ The baby meeting siblings (if allowed in the hospital; if not, we go home to the family).

❤️ The baby arriving home with the mother and meeting the family; we film the baby’s room and family moments.

❤️ A photoshoot of the baby with the family at home.