I am the one who changes trends and society with my photography


In October 2022, I established a support group for Ukrainian photographers who had to leave Ukraine due to the war. Currently, the group has over 400 students, and the process of learning and coaching is still ongoing. What kind of assistance can one expect within the group?

  1. Concise educational materials.
  2. Practical assignments designed to address current errors in starting and promoting a photography business.
  3. Streams for analyzing students' work, accompanied by practical recommendations on how to rectify mistakes in the future.
  4. Webinars outlining the fundamental steps of building a photography business from 0 in any country, along with practical advice.

The group offers education and is open to all Ukrainians for FREE.

LINK : https://www.instagram.com/help_ukrainians_group/

Sony α Universe member

In 2019 I discovered the Sony mirrorless camera system and have never looked back. My partnership

with the company has included many live educational broadcasts on photography as well as preparation

of a school photography course and an exhibition in the United States.

Partners in Ukraine

26 charity events and counting

My passion is supporting animal shelters. Over the course of my career I have organized 26 educational

photography events whose proceeds went to shelters. On last September 29 I started a course for

Ukrainian refugee photographers, with donations going to Ukrainian animal shelters.

8 years as director of photography school in Kiyv

@PatyakaSchool, my photography academy in Kiyv, is a recognized national leader in teaching methods

and design of practical study. With a faculty of 8 professional photographers, we taught over 3,000

students and set new standards for artistic excellence and social engagement.

5 years as Canon Education Partner

In partnership with Canon, I organized a series of free seminars for those new to photography. With

attendance at around 300 apiece, they were among Kyiv's most outstanding photography events of

recent years.

15 workshops on photobook design

I was one of the first Ukrainian photographers to teach photo album design and to evolve a culture of shooting stories. My work is still considered foundational for this style of photography.

4 years coaching models

Over the last 4 years I have developed a series of guides to the psychology of posing, for use by models and by families. They contain a methodology of reparation for branding shoots that is now used by over 15,000 photographers (the "12 Words" technique).

20 professional photography talks

Since 2016 I have been an in-demand speaker for photography events throughout the Ukraine, with a reputation as a trendsetter and arbiter of style.

Marketing coach for photographers

My group and individual training method for marketing photography, launched in 2020, is now available

in 3 languages.

Course on Moms with Cameras (in person and online)

Alongside my educational work with professional photographers, I also offer an ongoing course for mothers, "Moms with Cameras" Due to the war in Ukraine, it is now implemented online.


My after school photography course for children aged 8-12 is scheduled for launch in Fall 2022. This free program aims to promote interest in photography among teenagers and to give them a way to earn money and express their unique vision of the world.

Sponsor of parents' events

The experience of motherhood and my training in psychotherapy have led me to develop a series of

events for conscious parenthood, at first in Ukraine and now in the U.S.

Conscious motherhood

I have 8 exhibitions planned around the themes of conscious motherhood and women's rights.

Photography must change people's minds and change the world. The first is concerned with Ukrainian

women's choices.

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