Life with kids can feel slow, yet it goes so fast, especially in the first months of life after your baby birth. Kids grow and change with the blink of an eye, it seems. I would love to slow that treasured moment for you, your children, for their children...
It is important for every child to know their personal history. And what story can do without a beginning? ... - none
You’re probably dazed and tired right now – and totally stoned on love for the new little creature in your arms. I’ve been there! That’s why we’ll keep your newborn session blissfully low-key and intimate. I’ll come to your house, we’ll hang out and capture some relaxed photos of you soaking up your child’s magical first days
on the planet, and chat about all the crazy stuff that comes with having a newborn.
Capturing your incredible body in bloom along the way, my "Maternity+Baby" package has got you covered for
both maternity and newborn sessions. In addition, you save half the cost of pregnancy photography