focus on individual approach, instead of the number of orders

At every step I am offered assembly line shooting, for 15-30 minutes, in order to tell about myself as quickly as possible and to as many people as possible.

But for several years I've been adhering to the mission that I have chosen for myself as the vector of my filming

My goal is for you to walk away feeling like you've spent some authentic, everyday time with the people you love, and that just happened to be photographed the same time

The events of my life have taught me to appreciate what is and to be happy here and now. I shoot about this, I want to tell about this with my photography.

Therefore, I prefer to shoot rarely, with an individual approach and time for each family, revealing the secrets of each individual family, without templates. And in 15-30 minutes it is impossible to do this.

I remain true to my mission, I know for sure that many families need such personnel and they will definitely find me...

banning is easier than joining

Was with children on the rocks recently.

Rocks, the surf of the ocean, spray up to the sky, seagulls in the sunset sky. The spirit captures from beauty, wind, power of the ocean... colors!

From the side it looks menacing, the wave seems to be about to cover the rock and drag you into the ocean. The parents of other children are resting peacefully on the shore, the children are digging the sand, looking sadly at the dangerous waves.

I stood with mine on the rocks. A screech of delight, hair in the wind, jumping in these puddles on the rocks! Eyes glow brighter than the setting sun...

Two days have passed, and they still remember how exciting it was, and how brave I am that we went there together to shout at the waves.

"Thank you mom, it's so cool with you" - the children said ... And what about me? ... well, I roar, as always) Seeing them happy and being able to be involved in this is just a light in my life ...

Turning every day into a small adventure and throwing another coin into the piggy bank of valuable memories is incredibly important for me... for us

don't ask for forgiveness if you don't regret

I'm the one who forgives

Categoricalness is alien to me and I do not like to carry grudges with me through life. But this does not mean that I allow people to come back into my life and take the same place.

I don't want to be a judge or retribution.

I have a million other important things to do in life.

I love to say "I'm sorry"

I learned this being an adult, after 7 years of personal psychotherapy.

It is incredibly beautiful to admit to a dear person that you were weak, wrong... And at the same time be accepted, understood.

I do not teach my children to apologize under pressure, because it is necessary. I talk to them and give them time to realize the act. I give time for them to feel whether they regret it, whether it is important for them to return contact and let go of the situation, to make peace. In society, it is customary to apologize in any case. I do not welcome it. Without regret and understanding of the situation, any apology is worth nothing. To cultivate automatism means to devalue in principle the enormous importance of forgiveness, both for the culprit of the situation and for the victim ...

I value it later, but sincerely.

And if not, then it's time to talk about something important, to teach something where a gap is found

The world is in a hurry. The important loses its value. Humanity loses its value...

do not appreciate until it turns into a memory

I see them all... whom I recently photographed as part of happy families!

I see far from families, their posts, their stories with screenshots of video calls.

Until recently, They hugged their wives and children, were close to their relatives and shone for everyone...

All the shootings that I am now sending to Ukraine, all the albums, are called the same "HOME" ...

All - the last peaceful photos that the families managed to take ...

Everything is the foundation in difficult times

The question of the mission and meaning of my photography has disappeared completely ...Everything is clear as never before

just live your life, do not turn photo shooting into photography. Ok?

No need to make anything special… living your life and having fun - already special, a gift! Love that simple everyday moments so much